Photography Tutorials

Installation Instructions - Presets & Brushes

Lightroom makes this process fairly easy, yet not entirely intuitive. Follow closely :)

  1. Download and Unzip the preset package. (Double click on the .zip file).  You will now see several folders containing the presets.

  2. In Lightroom at the top left of the window, click Lightroom (on a MAC) or Edit (on a PC), then Preferences. Now click the Presets tab. Finally, Show Lightroom Presets Folder...

  3. Drag the presets from step 1 (the preset folders!) and drop them into the Develop Presets folder (from step 2). Wooohoo, your presets are now installed!

  4. BRUSHES: (Can skip if no brushes were purchased) Now back to Step 1 from the unzipped package, open up the Brushes folder. You will see the individual brushes. Highlight all individual brushes (not the folder) and drag into the folder Local Adjustment Presets. Brushes installed!

  5. IMPORTANT! Restart Lightroom. Enjoy!